Scam Warning – forexpeacearmy/forexbastards/(Felix)

One of the first things you must learn about the Forex market is that although it is enjoyable and exciting, there is no magic button that will instantly turn your pennies into millions of dollars. You may have already heard about Forex scams that are filling the marketplace. These companies purposely mislead people into thinking that making money in the Forex is easy and that they have found the “Magic Solution” to raking in booku bucks with a simple click of a button.

Sadly, the number of Forex scams is rising. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released a report citing that in recent years, they have seen a sharp increase in the rise of Foreign Exchange scams. The CFTC warns consumers to be cautious of sales solicitations in newspapers, radio or television. You’ve probably even seen some of these companies. I hear about them all the time from people whenever I try to explain the Forex. The first thing they say is that they think the Forex is a scam. That makes me so angry! The Forex is a tremendous investment opportunity for people and because of these scammers, they miss out on a good way to make money.

The first scamer in the forex market Felix Homogratus = Dmitri Chavkerov

The both are one character & that give us a signal that he is escaping from his real name for some purposes may be arrested by his old name, to be able to gain money again he must change his real name to be Felix Homogratus

The bulletin boards have been awash with tales of the self-labeled Felix Homogratus, Felix the Bastard, but whose real name is Dmitri Chavkerov.

Dmitri Chavkerov has been busted by I.C.E Agents on 11/30/07
He is also not an American Citizen He is Russian

SITES WITH COMPLAINT ON THIS GUY:…4031358AAzgRif…te=1&p=2204436…?TID=1248&PN=1…=104801&page=2…-arrest-23688/…rds-com-10999/…eature=related…8203505AAlJyT7—Traders,-Watch-Out!

So remember, Forex scams DO exist. Be wary of them and hold onto your money. The good news is that there ARE legitimate Forex companies out there. Make sure you do thorough research on a company if you are thinking about giving them a shot. Ask other traders on the forums if they’ve had experiences with them. There is a wealth of information on the Internet so do your homework and you’ll be just fine.

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  3. I don’t know weather I can write here or not , but I hope you can take my word seriouly. Just now I take a trade at Oanda at 03.30 ,it did’t move much ,for a long time ,I suspect ,but did’t know it will end up like this. It suddenly close my trade . it very difficult to contact them. then for 15minunte later , the chart begin to move very quickly. I hear alot of Oanda bad news, now I experience it myself,they will prevent you to make money , I hope you can let people know about it.


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